"Let's discover everything"

We are young team Moka – a confident agency for online communication, design and digital different projects. We consider ourselves the new generation of the market, Established by designers, Our motivation is to present digital projects at the best and create a different work experience for our customers. Our strength is our teamwork aspect: we develop our projects together with strategy, design, UX and etc development specialists. “Let’s discover everything” is our credo and our motto. This not only applies to our own desire to constantly develop our skills, but is also an expression of the way we look at every project With the cooperation of customers from a new angle and achieve results that impress.

Our Services

Our core Ability range from Construction strategy and simulation to design and development. During all stages of the project, we strive for Coordination and close cooperation with our clients.

Digital Installations

We create digital experiences for holding webinar, fairs and events, from display walls to touch and gesture-based applications.

Mobile Applications

We develop a lot of apps and web-applications for all platforms. Be it pc, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, wearable or smart homes .

web exprience

Web Experiences

Using state-of-the-art web technologies such as WebGL or HTML5, we develop professionally interactive web experiences.

Product Configurators

Whether models 2D or 3D, we build platform-independent product configurators and product line for the web, mobile and installations.

Retail Applications

Our retail tools cause surprised shoppers. they innovate and optimize the stores' internal processes, they will have more sales.

AR VR reality

Augmented Reality

We develop immersive experiences for fairs, events, showrooms and mobile use cases with Augmented and Virtual Reality technology.


Amin Zeinvand Moghaddam





Many profession, many cultures

We are always open to new experience. We look forward to working with other people who have different skills.
If you’d also like to be part of our international team and wish to contribute new disciplines or perspectives, we look forward to receiving your application.


One of our principles is constant internal communication. We are organised into interdisciplinary project teams and work closely alongside one another throughout the entire duration of the project.

Constant iteration

Iteration in the form of continuous checks is important. This enables us to keep an eye on everything and guarantee the high quality of our work. Everyone plays a role in helping to validate the results early on, not just on the day of the launch.

Collaborative team work

Transparency through integration: by involving our clients in our workflows, we can offer them a permanent insight into our progress, thereby increasing the quality of the results.

Long-term support

Our work doesn’t end when your website goes online or your campaign is launched. We plan beyond that and support our clients and projects in the long term.

We’re big fans of communication and love new experiences. Let’s get to know each other!

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