Digital Installations

There are different forms of interactive installations, but in many cases sensors have used that respond to the movements of visitors and draw attention to a particular element. The installation can include video or 3D images that make the environment colorful, dynamic, and interactive. Special software and hardware are used to create this amazing work of art. The work of art is first created with the help of software that transforms traditional media such as painting, painting, and sculpture into new forms - virtual reality, digital installations, and projection mapping. We design and develop high-end installations for a wide range of use cases: trade show installations, retail PoS, corporate media walls, and monitoring displays. Learn more about our innovative solutions here.


Event installations

Attending an event should be a fully designed and carefully curated experience, not just a simple gathering of guests. Whether the purpose of the event is discovering a new product or celebrating a life milestone, you always have the capability to take it above and beyond. If you’re looking to elevate a standard event and leave a lasting impression, immerse guests completely within a space. Invite them into an environment like they’ve never seen before. An event installation is the perfect vehicle to both engage guests and add to the transformation of a venue. Our digital installations make it possible to become immersed in brands or product lines, from interactive tables to display walls, Kinekt applications and virtual reality applications. We develop solutions customized to specific target groups and uses, taking into consideration the complete user journey and all touchpoints.

Event installations
Corporate installations

Corporate installations

The quality of a brand’s experience is a direct reflection of the quality of the brand itself. When a brand exceeds such expectations in the digital space, its reputation, and business, benefits as a whole. Interactive environments, digital kiosks, and other forms of digital installations engage consumers with innovation, scale and limitless possibilities of surprise and delight – especially when coupled with sensors and data connectivity. Brand affinity and emotional connections can be brilliantly crafted through clever applications of utility and technology, empowering consumers at retail, events and beyond. We move your brand forward by immersing your audience in a personalized experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. For companies, we develop installations for a wide range of use cases, from infowalls and display walls to monitoring and wayfinding applications. Key company indicators, information, processes, and production workflows can be compiled and visualized in real-time. This information is useful in many ways: Visitors are greeted in a way that leaves an impression, products needing explanation can be visualized interactively, and employees can be transparently notified regarding current events or processes.

Virtual reality installations

Virtual Reality allows us to get immersed in artificial worlds, and to interact in real-time in these universes. The potential of this technology is so vast, as it lets create either realistic, symbolic or imaginary worlds, that it is not surprising to notice that artists have been using it for several decades. Virtual Reality as an artistic medium allows the spectator-user to live immersive and interactive experiences, and it gives the opportunity to the artists to explore new ways of expression. Virtual reality experiences provide customers with a particularly innovative and immersive experience. We develop virtual reality applications that are tailored to your brand for use at trade shows, in showrooms, in pop up and retail stores or for use as a company-internal tool. These include product configurators, game experiences, edutainment, infotainment, and branded entertainment.

Virtual reality installations
Retail store installations digital

Retail store installations

Digital signage means a digital store experience, and this requires not only hardware but also an outstanding concept and a true masterpiece of content visualisation. We develop applications that are specially designed and customized for retail stores, providing a lasting brand and product experience. These include infowalls with real-time data, interactive tables with product recognition, and kiosk systems that connect products and information with shopping functions and services.


Unique brand experience

Interactive installations make possible a brand experience that is specially directed at the user or the brand objectives. Trade shows, retail spaces, or company divisions can be impressively depicted, driving lasting customer engagement. Interactive entertainment and infotainment applications in retail stores also significantly increase the duration of stay of customers.

Promote the decision to buy

Customers can more quickly and deliberately make buying decisions, since the interactive applications increase the quality of information and advice provided as well as the transparency. Customers can more quickly and deliberately inform themselves about products and make buying decisions. In addition, evaluation of the applications through analytics provides valuable information and insights about products and customers, and also makes possible focused targeting and upselling.

Innovative services & tools

We develop innovative services and tools that provide users with new forms of interaction and dialogue with brands and products. These include applications that make gesture-based interaction possible, virtual reality applications used to experience immersive worlds, interactive product configurators, chat and service bot systems, and applications for recognition of objects in the room.

Omnichannel applications

We connect digital installations with existing networking infrastructure and implement unified omnichannel strategies and solutions, regardless of whether e-commerce, ERP, CMS, or social platforms. The user journey becomes a seamless cycle in which all touchpoints are considered and connected.



Here you will find the features and options that support our digital installations. There are numerous possibilities for combination. We design each application specifically for the respective use case or business goal and recommend an ideal setup.

Mobile Connect

Wi-Fi hotspot for enabling access to the Internet and to the applications via smartphone.

Object recognition

Product or object recognition for interactive tables, terminals, kiosks, or other display systems.

Display walls

Multi-displays and XXL display projections for digital signage.

Gesture-based control

Interaction with surfaces that have no direct access, as well as interactions on large surfaces.


Control of the application via smartphone or tablet for entry of user information or sharing of content.

Mobile landing page

A website that is optimized for use on mobile devices and that provides deeper information or additional services.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality experiences that simulate immersive 3D worlds, spaces, or scenarios.

Kiosk systems

Kiosk systems that are directly linked to existing e-commerce and ERP systems.

Cross Device

Development of applications that are optimized for various display and device scenarios.

Realtime Content

Connection to APIs and interfaces to display real-time content, such as weather, time, location, live tickers, social platforms, CMS, and ERP.

Object or product recognition

Recognition of products and objects for table or kiosk systems for displaying contextual information.

Kinekt technology

Bodytracking using Kinekt cameras to enable innovative forms of interaction without additional hardware or equipment.

Merchandise management & ERP

Connection to local ERP systems for displaying real-time inventories or information.


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