Digital Retail Applications

When it comes to shopping, customers expect to be able to do it on their phone—whether businesses have an app or not. As younger generations continue to enter the job market, the proportion of consumers with money to burn from these demographics increases, and as a result, retailers have to meet their demands. We connect the offline point of sale with the digital world and turn consumers into users. Our tools make it possible to interact with brands. These tools include services such as product information and advice, extension of an entertaining campaign, or the creation and sharing of user-generated content.


Touch Wall / Display

Fast and simple way of converting standard video walls into huge multi-touch displays that can be used for digital signage, broadcast, electronic whiteboards, interactive education, trade shows and exhibitions. Large displays that can turn entire walls into touchscreens when linked together provide an interactive and lasting brand or product experience. We develop solutions that reach out to consumers at each touchpoint along their journey and are customized to specific target groups and uses. Attention-grabbing product portrayals, interactive presentations of new features, or real-time feeds of social media brand channels. Users interact by touch or gestures, and can load or share all of the wall's contents using their smartphones or enrich it through user-generated content.

Touch Wall / Display
Kiosk & terminal

Kiosk & terminal

Digital kiosk displays are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. The classic kiosks are sales stands for confectionery, drinks and magazines and are usually found in train stations or in places with a high number of visitors. However, the term kiosk has gained another meaning due to the digitization of information. It describes information terminals with small or large displays on which we are shown advertising or information. In this case, kiosks are used as showcases for digital media content. The kiosk systems that we develop promote in-store sales. Using interfaces with ERP, CMS, or e-commerce, the entire online and offline range of products is depicted in the familiar brand CI – a useful service tool for personnel and end users. The user can complete the payment process in the online store using a mobile connection. Product delivery is enabled through click & connect.

Virtual & augmented reality

Virtual Reality is the technology that provides almost real and/or believable experiences in a synthetic or virtual way, while Augmented Reality enhances the real world by superimposing computer-generated information on top of it. With virtual and augmented realities, we provide end customers with an innovative and immersive experience , whether through a product configurator, game experience, edutainment, infotainment, or entertainment application. Extensive product lines can also be presented in a physically limited space. In the place of a logistical warehouse there is an impactful digital brand experience.

Virtual & augmented reality
Interactive storefront

Interactive storefront

The creation of attractive storefronts is an integral part of the marketing plan in the retail sector. In the digital age, retailers are moving towards interactive displays. Storefronts that adapt to their environment and create interaction with this environment while keeping essential functions such as displaying the brand’s new products, promoting ongoing discounts, and much more. The interactive storefront applications that we develop allow passers-by to interact with the contents of storefront displays using their smartphones. Direct mobile sales can be achieved through a direct connection with the online store, regardless of the physical store's hours of operation. The contents shown can be easily and flexibly adapted to events such as seasonal campaigns.

Product table

Products are the key to any kind of business and there are several different dimensional business platforms prevailing in this modern world. Online business is one that creates a new dimension in the digital world. Advertising products by creating a product table on the website is a common strategy that every business person does nowadays. A digital table invites exploration of product features and is an ideal addition to the physical product. This connected application allows the display of real-time data from ERP, CMS, or e-commerce. Saved information such as product inventories, product options, or infotainment content can be retrieved and visualized as part of the interaction with the user.

Product table

Unique brand experience

Interactive installations make possible a brand experience that is specially targeted at the users or goals of the brand. Effective product presentations increase customer engagement and ensure long-term retention of the consumer. Interactive entertainment and infotainment applications in retail stores also cause customers to stay longer.

Promote the decision to buy

Customers can make quicker and more specific buying decisions since interactive applications improve the quality of the advice given and provide transparency. Evaluation of the applications through analytics also offer valuable information and insights about your products and customers, in turn allowing even more focused targeting.

Omnichannel applications

We connect digital installations with the existing infrastructure, making possible unified omnichannel strategies and solutions, whether they involve e-commerce, ERP, CMS, or social platforms. The user journey becomes a seamless cycle in which all touchpoints are considered and linked together.

Integrated consumer journey

The installation of digital applications means that there is no more difference between online and offline customers. Complementary offers, a unified approach to customer contact, customer advice, and transparent information lead to customer satisfaction and prevent sources of irritation.

Inspiring services

Stores are increasingly less defined by a well-stocked warehouse but rather by the advice, inspiration, and surprises that they provide customers. The retail installations that we design and develop are well suited to act as interfaces with new forms of interaction and dialogue with the brand.



Here you will find the features and options that support our digital retail applications. There are numerous possibilities for combination. We design each one specifically for the respective use case or business goal and recommend an ideal setup.

Mobile hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspots for enabling access via smartphone or other devices to both the Internet and to applications.

Object recognition

Product or object recognition for interactive tables, kiosks, display systems, and other uses.

Display walls

Multidisplays as well as XXL display projections. We work closely with hardware partners.

Gesture control

Interaction with surfaces that have no direct connection as well as interaction on large surfaces.

Mobile Connect

Control of the application via smartphone or tablet for user data entry or content sharing.


Direct evaluation of use via analytics in order to optimize and customize the application for the target group.

Mobile landing page

A website that is optimized for mobile devices in order to access more in-depth information or additional services.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality experiences that simulate 3D worlds, spaces, or scenarios.

Kiosk systems

Kiosk systems that are directly linked to existing e-commerce and ERP systems.

Cross-device applications

Development of applications that are optimized for various display and device scenarios.

Realtime Content

Connection to APIs and interfaces for showing real-time content such as weather, time, location, game results, social platforms, CMS, and ERP.

RFID recognition

Object or product recognition via RFID for interactive tables or kiosk systems.

Kinekt technology

Body tracking via Kinekt cameras to enable innovative forms of interaction without additional hardware or equipment.


Connection to the existing e-commerce system in order to display product information.

Merchandise management

Connection to existing merchandise management systems in order to display merchandise information and inventories.


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