Internship Interactive Development

We are looking for an intern to support our development work. We are not looking for a shrink-wrapped C ++ programmer, but a creative developer who wants to launch new innovative projects. The language is not in the foreground but the result. Whether we write the whole thing in AS3, Javascript, Mono, Objective-C, Java, Ruby, Python, Scala or in binary code, you decide together with us. We do not develop “Internet appearances”, but solutions that fascinate, move and impress the end user, be it on the desktop, mobile, console, an installation or whatever else comes to mind. We offer you a place where you can live your fascination with the digital-creative world together with our team of screen and motion designers, conceptualists and developers.


-Commitment, talent, team spirit

-A personal vision and attention to detail

-Passion in your activity

-Structured, traceable and binding

-At best, experience with interactive projects from start to deployment

Please send your application to: jobs@mokalt.com

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